World War 1 Centenary – Soldiers from Swanbourne (now includes servicemen omitted from the Swanbourne War Memorial)

Soldiers from Swanbourne   Revised by Linda Rodgers 

1. Servicemen with Swanbourne connections who are omitted from Swanbourne War Memorial:- The Swanbourne connected servicemen who are omitted from Swanbourne War Memorial

2. War Memorial – Concise summary of names as a PDF      War Memorial brief summary of names 2020.docx   Author: Linda Rodgers

3. The 56 Servicemen from Swanbourne who served WW1 The 56 – Swanbourne on Memorial.docx Author Linda Rodgers (added 27.9.20)

Based on original research by Linda Rodgers and Ken Harris

All of those Swanbourne men who are named on the War Memorial opposite St. Swithun’s Church, have been researched.  The results of this research are summarised as separate PDF’s below.  Click on the soldier’s name for more details (updated 28.9.20).

WW1 William Alderman.docx

WW1 Nimrod Boughton.docx

WW1 Levi Clarke.docx

WW1 Thomas Cox.docx

WW1 William George Currell.docx

WW1 Thomas Elmer.docx

WW1 Thomas Francis Halford Fremantle.docx

WW1 Herbert William Gurnett.docx

WW1 John Henry Higgins.docx

WW1 William Thomas Hinton.docx

WW1 Frederick James Keen.docx

WW1 Hubert William Kimble.docx

WW1 George Thomas Leonard.docx

WW1 John Henry Leonard.docx

WW1 Frederick Pitkin.docx

WW1 Ernest Price.docx

WW1 Joseph William Small.docx

WW1 George Henry Turvey.docx

WW1 William George Underhill.docx

WW1 William Martin Willis.docx

Swanbourne War Memorial

Swanbourne War Memori

World War 1 Medals

Most of Swanbourne’s Servicemen would have been awarded two British campaign medals.  They are commonly found as family heirlooms: the British War Medal and the Victory Medal (photograph, below right).

World War 1 medals

World War 1 medals

Swanbourne War Memorial and Memorial Gardens

These new memorial gardens (adjacent to the main war memorial site) have been developed as a place for rest, remembrance and reflection. Swanbourne Community Association helped to initiate the project in cooperation with the Parish Council.

Roger and Anne Parker were instrumental in the acquisition of the excellent circular bench.

A new history plaque (written and designed by the SHG and funded by the PC) has been installed which provides details of Swanbourne’s WW1 veterans. The PC also funded new ironwork fencing at the boundary with the Park, and an entrance gate.

The whole project has been assisted by securing one of the last grants from AVDC’s Community Chest to the SCA and a grant from Bucks County Council’s LAF fund to the PC. Special thanks go to Philip and Sylvia Dalton who are our gardeners. They have done a fantastic job, completely transforming the garden area.

Memorial plaque and stand

Servicemen information and artwork for the new plaque

Updated information on all the servicemen has been meticulously researched by Linda Rodgers and Ken Harris.  Clive Rodgers has used the servicemen lists to compile a plaque for the new gardens including the artwork and enhanced archive photographs.

For the new plaque artwork as a PDF:-swanbourne-war-memorial-plaque-as-a3-size-final-version-2a