Walking Trail

A Historic Trail around Swanbourne

By Ken Harris

Starting from the Betsey Wynne Public House, this is how it starts:-

(1) From The Betsey Wynne, turn right along Mursley Road. A few houses along on the right, is what used to be the Swan pub, now a private house. This was the last of the 5 pubs that existed in the village in the 19th Century to cease business. There was a 15-year gap between its closure and the opening of The Betsey Wynne.

To continue, read the text of the full walk:-

Download the complete text for the Walk in PDF:- History Trail Text MASTER – Copy (1) 

There is a map to accompany the walk:-

Download the map of Swanbourne History Trail in PDF:- History Trail Map MASTER – Copy

SWANBOURNE HISTORY TRAIL (PUBLISHED BOOKLET) is available to purchase in the Village Shop, Swanbourne, for £1.00

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