Swanbourne Anglican Clergy

The order of the succession of Vicars of St Swithun’s Chuch, Swanbourne

Based on information compiled by Ken Harris and additional research by Clive Rodgers

List of Vicars starting with the oldest recorded first

Name Date of institution Notes
Robertus Passelew             1218 (See note 1)
Peter Peyvre             1252
William Presbyter   5 Mar 1264 Died here
Ralph de Wenge 18 Feb 1275
William de Ramsey              1343 Died here
Adam de Queldrich 10 July 1343 Resigned
Adam de Akele Magna 12 Nov 1361
John Adam 11 Nov 1375
Walter Dobbes 23 Dec 1388
Nicholas Shirret              1421 Resigned 1421
John Bette              1421
Robert Slepyng              1451 Resigned
Robert Newell 10 July 1451
Nicholas Powting              1452 Resigned 1452
William Sheppard   1 July 1452 Resigned
Guido Dyggyl              1470
John Chamberlayn 27 Sept 1471 Resigned
Richard Randal    2 Oct 1490 Resigned
John Andrew 16 Dec 1493 Died
Henry Barnes 8 May 1504
John Blott 22 July 1511 Died
Edward Cooper (Cowper) 10 May 1535 Deprived
Henry Scot 1553 or 1554 Presented by Queen Mary. Register begins
Sir Geoffrey Lownes 1565 Buried 17 Sept 1580 Presented by Queen Elizabeth; resigned (note 2)
Sir Thomas Lownes    5 Mar 1578 buried 19 July 1624 By Queen Elizabeth I on petition by   Lord Graye. Presented 16 Feb 21 Eliz. Buried here (note 3)
Robert Lowndes              1624buried 11 Sep 1651 Son of above. Buried here
George Burches              1651Died 17 May 1658 Died and buried here. ‘comes in ye wicked times’
Peter Burches 17June 1658
Thomas Hancocks 30 Jan 1660Buried 8 Apr 1679 Presented 29th Dec by the King (Charles II)
John Pilkington 12 April 1679Died 28 Apr 1687 Died
John Pilkington  3 June 1687Buried 21 Jun 1715 Son of above
Samuel Foster 29 July 1715Buried 27 Sep 1740 Vicar of Lt Horwood. Died 1740 Buried here
John Ramsey 31 Oct 1740 Also vicar of Langley, Herts (1747?)
Charles William Tonyn 21/05/1760 – 13/2/1767 Swapped job with Morgan Morgan from Radnage, Bucks (ref Radnage Church   records)
Morgan Morgan 14/2/1767 – 07/03/1792  Swapped job with Charles Tonyn (ref. Radnage Church Records)
Thomas Brookes             1784 There is no record of him having been vicar of Swanbourne. However,   his wife was buried here. (Parish Record page 108)
William Wodley 1792 – 1808 Presented 10 March 1792 by King   George III, and moved to Soulbury 24/10/1808 (website)
John Thomas Howe Le Mesurier curate 4/6/1809
Cookson Haddock curate 1812 – 1833? Died Swanbourne 1835 (buried 9th Jan 1835 aged 67 – SPR)
Thomas Woodward Gardner stipenduary curate 1833 –
Charles Lucas Reay   9 Feb 1838
George John Collinson 26 May 1843
James Niven 17 Jan 1853
Myers Dallas Malden 18 Feb 1868
William Miles Myers 19 July 1879
Francis Reynor Brooksbank Pinhorn  6 June 1901
James Ralph Caldecott Forrest 21 May 1904
Charles Jones             1954
James Mathers             1958 Last person to be Vicar of Swanbourne only
Heber Wood             1968 Also vicar of Lt Horwood?
Peter van de Kasteele             1970 Also Rector of Mursley, vicar of Lt Horwood
Stuart Wilmott             1981    As above
John Kinchen Smith             1992    As above
Laurence Meering             2007 As above plus Drayton Parslow & Newton Longeville

Note 1: Presentatus per Priorem et conventum de Woborne ad ecclesiam de Swanborne, post inquisitionem Super eadem ecclesia per Archodiaconum Buckinghamiensem factam, per quam negotium fuit in expedito, per dispensationem domini  Legati  admissus est institutus in eadum. He died here. The Legate was Pandulph.

(see The Parish Register of Swanbourne page 152)


Note 2: There is the following note in the Episcopal Records at Lincoln with regard to his Resignation.

Public instrument recording the resignation by Geoffrey Lounds of his Vicarage of Swanbourne in the Archdeaconry of Buckingham read before Owen Westall LLB of the Diocese of Oxford public notary and appointment of John Dighton MA as his proctor to exhibit the Said resignation before the Bishop.

Done in the office of the Said Owen, deputy of the registrar of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham within the rectory house of Ovinge in the said Archdeaconry.

(See The Parish Register of Swanbourne page 152/3)


Note 3:  He was instituted by Bishop Cooper of Lincoln on the Ninth year of his consecration at Bugden or Buckden, Co Herts by Mandate to the Archdeacon of Buckingham, and evidently he was a Priest of scanty education as there is the following Institution Bond still extant at Lincoln with regard to him.

These Institution Bonds were not uncommon in the case of unlearned clergy at that time.

Bond of Thomas Lowndes, Vicar of Swanbourne Co Buckingham, to the Bishop of Lincoln, for £100, the condition  being that the Said Thomas Shall within one twelvemonth Nexte cominge after the date hereof diligentlie reade and studie all the Sermons conteyned in Bullinger his decades, from the ende of the thirde Sermone of the first decade to the beginning of the fifte Sermone of the thirde decade, from the ende of the fifte Sermone of the fifte decade, even to the full ende of the same saide fifte decade, in Suche Maner and Sorte, that Not only he shall then have breeffely Noted and written oute in Some paper booke, all the principall Matters in the Saide Sermons declared with theire prooffes, in order as they are there expressed, but also shall So have instructed himself thereby, that beinge asked of those Said Matters, he shall then be able withoute the booke, redelie to answer of them and in them, justlie, fullie and trulie.

And also that either he – at the ende eche half yeare of this saide twelve moneth – Shall and doe come and offer himself to the abovenamed – Busshop of Lincoln or his Successors, to be examined for the performance of these premisses according to their true meaninge and intent.

 Or els finally that he the Saide Thomas Not So offering himself for his triall herein and Not beinge found by the Saide Reuerende Father or his Successors at eche suche time of triall, to have don and fulfilled altogether as it before condioned hearein, answerable to the time that Shall be past at eche Such Examinacion Shall then geve and resigne up unto the Saide Reuerend Father or to his Successors that his Saide Vicarage whereunto with Thease condicions he was and is admitted and instituted upon the daie of the date heareof etc.  Dated 5 March 21 Eliz: A D 1578-9.

(see The Parish Register of Swanbourne page 153)

The Clergy Database Website resource

The Clergy database contains summary information, but note that the date of resignation  is often quoted, rather than the date of leaving.  For example, the date of resignation of Rev. Tonyn is 15th December, 1766, but he must have worked two months notice, as he did not leave Swanbourne until 13th February, 1767, having job swapped with Morgan Morgan of Radnage (source: Radnage Church Records), the latter taking up his post in Swanbourne on 14th February, 1767.


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