Swanbourne Anglican Clergy

The order of the succession of Vicars of St Swithun’s Chuch, Swanbourne Based on information compiled by Ken Harris and additional research by Clive Rodgers List of Vicars starting with the oldest recorded first Name Date of institution Notes Robertus Passelew             1218 (See note 1) Peter Peyvre             1252 William Presbyter   5 Mar […]

Methodism in Swanbourne

Methodism in Swanbourne By Ken Harris Methodists are Christians who belong to the church that emerged as a result of the preaching of John Wesley and hymn writing of his brother Charles, during the 18th Century. The earliest reference to Methodists in Swanbourne comes in the correspondence of Captain Thomas Fremantle, writing home to his […]

St. Swithun’s Parish Church

The Parish Church of St Swithun By Ken Harris The present church building dates back to 1230, although there was almost certainly a church, probably made of wood, on the same site before this date. It is dedicated to St. Swithun, who was the Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester. The deluge of rain that followed the […]

Baptist History in Swanbourne

A Short History on Baptist activity in Swanbourne By Ken Harris Baptists are people who mark themselves out from other Christians through their practice of insisting on adult baptism, rather than allowing or recognising paedobaptism – i.e. the baptism of infants. The first known Baptist congregation in England date back to 1608, when people fleeing […]