Murder & Ghost Legends

Explanations for “Ghost” Sightings

“Ghost” explanations considered By Clive Rodgers Paranormal Investigations & Explanations A search on the Internet using a search engine such as GOOGLE, typing in the search something similar to ‘The Ghosts of Swanbourne’ will pick up some ghost and paranormal websites which tell the story of the ghosts of the village.  In 2009 there was […]

“Ghost” sightings

Ghost sightings at properties around Swanbourne before the year 2000 Summary of the village ghost accounts told to Ken Reading and contained in a partly completed manuscript (dated 1997), intended to be part of Ken’s second book on Swanbourne.   The latter was only part completed when he died in 1999. There are several houses in Swanbourne that have been […]

Murder at the Neptune Public House

Murder at the Neptune Public House Reproduced from ‘Swanbourne – History of an Anglo-Saxon town’ by the late Ken Reading (reproduced by permission of his relatives) A  story handed down by word of mouth through several generations is not supposed to lose much colour in the telling.  Perhaps this story is not unconnected with the […]

Thomas Adams & “The Green Lady”

Ghostly visions of Thomas and Elizabeth Adams. By Clive Rodgers The Green Lady ghost of local legend and mentioned on national ghost sites is based on visions of a lady dressed in green representing Elizabeth Adams, the widow of murdered Lord of the Manor Thomas Adams.  Elizabeth is pictured alongside Thomas on the bronze monument […]