Drovers Roads

Drovers Roads – with new route map By Ken Harris Drovers roads were the routes for droving livestock on foot to market. Many droveways started in Wales, and the drovers, many of whom came from Wales, accompanied the beasts on foot or on horseback. Sheep, cattle, pigs, turkeys and geese were taken long distances. The […]

Railways (Railroads)

Swanbourne and the Railway By Ken Harris The railway came to Swanbourne in 1850, transforming the ability of people to travel into and out of the village, and increasing the movement of goods. The lines which linked to village to Oxford, Buckingham and Aylesbury began life with different Acts of Parliament in 1846, leading eventually […]


Roads in and around Swanbourne By Ken Harris The first road builders in the area were the Romans. The most important road nearby was Watling Street, which still follows the same general line passes through modern day Milton Keynes as it did over 1,600 years ago. At its closest, it was about 6 miles from […]