Historic Photographs of Swanbourne People

Historic Photographs of Swanbourne People Shown below are photographs of local people and families (who can be identified as Swanbourne people), dating back to Victorian times with their family names.  Precise dates are still in the process of being identified, but they all range from around 1895 to 1950.  Click on the photograph to enlarge.         […]

Old Swanbourne – Photographs digitally enhanced

Old Swanbourne – Photographs digitally enhanced By Clive Rodgers These photographs were shown as a PowerPoint Presentation at the Swanbourne History Group evening in April, 2016.  They are saved here as a PDF copy. old-images-of-swanbourne

Early 20th Century Photographs

 Digitally enhanced early 20th Century Photographs help to provide images better than the originals. As well as photographs of Moco farm in the 1920s, a collection of photographs from 1913 are shown.                                     Views of Swanbourne in 1913, captured on […]

19th Century Photographs and Paintings of Swanbourne

Featured image – Swanbourne ladies in the 1880s. Below left:- Digitally enhanced photograph of the old Vicarage in 1858, just before it was demolished.  Previously, there only seemed to be a painting of the old Vicarage, and this photograph never seems to have been found by Ken Reading.  The newly discovered photograph has been digitally enhanced […]