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Sydney Robert Fremantle – The Fourth Admiral

Sydney Robert Fremantle (1867 – 1958) By Ken Harris Sydney Fremantle was born on 16th November 1867, the eldest son of Captain (later Admiral) Edmund Fremantle. In 1881, he joined the Britannia training ship and in 1883, was promoted to midshipman of the Alexandra, flagship of Lord Alcester Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean. He served in […]

Thomas Francis Fremantle – The First Admiral

Thomas Francis Fremantle (1765 – 1819); with new illustrations By Ken Harris Thomas Fremantle was born in Hampstead, London, the third son of John Fremantle. He went to sea at the age of 11, becoming a Commander in 1790, when he was serving in the Mediterranean. In 1795, whilst commanding the Inconstant, a look-out frigate […]

The Four Admirals of Swanbourne

The Four Admirals of Swanbourne. By Ken Harris Despite being an inland village, Swanbourne can boast of having had 4 admirals, all with the surname Fremantle, living in the village, all bar the first having been born here. The first of these admirals was Thomas Francis Fremantle (1765 – 1819), a close friend and colleague […]


Politicians representing Swanbourne Parliamentary Constituency MP’s. Swanbourne has always been represented by Buckingham constituency MP’s. Prior to 1868, the Buckingham Constituency elected two MP’s.  Possibly the most famous was George Grenville who became Prime Minister. Grenville was a member of the Whig Party, which no longer exists.  On 8 April 1763 Grenville became Prime Minister.  […]

Charles Howe Fremantle – The Second Admiral

Charles Howe Fremantle (1800 – 1869) By Ken Harris Charles Fremantle was born in ‘The Old House’ on 1 June 1800. His middle name was given in honour of Admiral Lord Richard Howe, who had defeated the French off Ushant in the ‘Battle of the Glorious First of June’ 1794, exactly six years earlier. He […]

Edmund Robert Fremantle – The Third Admiral

Edmund Robert Fremantle (1836 – 1929) By Ken Harris Edmund Fremantle was born in The Old House on 15 June 1836, the fourth son of Sir Thomas and Louisa Fremantle. With the support of his sea-faring Uncle, Charles Fremantle, he joined the navy at the age of 13. At the age of 22, he joined […]