World War 1 Centenary – Soldiers from Swanbourne (now includes servicemen omitted from the Swanbourne War Memorial)

Soldiers from Swanbourne   Newly Revised by Linda Rodgers (September 2020) 1. Servicemen with Swanbourne connections who are omitted from Swanbourne War Memorial:- The Swanbourne connected servicemen who are omitted from Swanbourne War Memorial 2. War Memorial – Concise summary of names as a PDF      War Memorial brief summary of names 2020.docx   Author: Linda Rodgers 3. […]

Details of all WW1 Servicemen connected to Swanbourne

Details of all WW1 Servicemen connected to Swanbourne By Linda Rodgers More details are also on the previous page:- War Memorial brief summary of names 2020.docx Return to WW1 Centenary Category

Gurnett Family

The GURNETT Family of Swanbourne (Updated September 2020) by Neil Rees To see a PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation at Swanbourne Village Hall on 16th May, 2014, CLICK HERE:- Gurnett Family of Swanbourne The Gurnett Surname Gurnett is an uncommon surname whose origin is not known.  There is also a fish called the gurnet, and there is […]

The Tonyn Brothers – Swanbourne Links to Africa and Florida

Charles W. Tonyn and his family links to Africa and Florida (revised January 2020) By Clive Rodgers Charles William Tonyn (1728-1805) Reverend Charles William Tonyn, Vicar of St. Swithun’s Church, Swanbourne,  seems to have been unusual in the Tonyn family in that he went into the church rather than following his father into a military career. […]

Betsey Wynne

Betsey Wynne 1778 – 1857 By Ken Harris Betsey Wynne was the second of five sisters, born 19th April 1778 to Richard Wynne and his French wife Camille de Royer. Richard Wynne, who was born in Venice, and lived much of his early life on the continent,  had inherited a large estate at Falkingham (now […]

Key Dates in the History of Swanbourne

Key dates in the History of Swanbourne  A summary agreed by The Swanbourne History Group, containing links to relevant articles within the Website   792         First mention of ‘Suanaburna’ in a document relating to King Offa’s grant of land to St Albans. 1066         Norman Conquest – Saxon lands taken over by Norman warlords. 1086         The […]

Sydney Robert Fremantle – The Fourth Admiral

Sydney Robert Fremantle (1867 – 1958) By Ken Harris Sydney Fremantle was born on 16th November 1867, the eldest son of Captain (later Admiral) Edmund Fremantle. In 1881, he joined the Britannia training ship and in 1883, was promoted to midshipman of the Alexandra, flagship of Lord Alcester Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean. He served in […]

Historic Monuments of Swanbourne 1913 Map

 Maps and Plans An Historic building survey was required by the government for all villages in England and Wales.  This is the survey map used to identify buildings of historic importance. For high quality PDF of this map, CLICK HERE:- 1913 Swanbourne buildings regarded as Monuments map Locations marked on the map Item (1) St. […]

Myres Family

The Myres Family    By Clive Rodgers One of the most important families from Swanbourne that you are least likely to know anything about! Rev. William Miles Myres (1838 – 1901) originated from Preston, and he married Jane Linton (1842 – 1871) the daughter of a vicar from Oxford.  Unfortunately, his wife died in 1871 […]

Louisa Palmer – a family survivor

Louisa – the daughter of Charles Palmer By Clive Rodgers  Based on sources of  information kindly provided by LeAnn Vallis Fekjan Charles Palmer, the second son of James and Rachel Palmer, married Ann Cutler Hedges (1838-1863) of Stewkley in 1857 and they raised their children in Swanbourne. Elizabeth Fanny was born in 1858, but died in 1860, and […]