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Swanbourne Village Schools

Swanbourne Primary Schools First published by Michele Greene in 1995; revised and updated by Judy Hibbard, 2017. In the early 1700’s the vast majority of people had no formal education and few could even read or write. There were very few schools in existence and the education that was available had to be paid for. […]

Listed Buildings of Swanbourne

A Schedule of Listed Buildings of Swanbourne Parish A “listed building” is one which is acknowledged by the Secretary of State to be of special architectural or historic interest. All buildings built before 1700 which survive in anything like their original condition. Most buildings from about about 1700 to 1840 are also included.  Buildings are listed […]

Some Historic Private Houses

Historic Private Houses Interpretation by Clive Rodgers The oldest private house in Swanbourne is likely to be Brook Farm Cottage (see below) which could date back to about 1400. Photographs RIGHT:- Brises farmhouse, lived in by William Deverell, Chief Constable of Cottesloe Hundred (1700). Owned by Newman Williat in 1762 who had a large wedge […]

Buxlow Farm

Buxlow Farm Lyn Jones kindly provided the photographs of the Buxlow Farm buildings It seems reasonable to speculate that the name Buxlow was most likely  linked to the Anglo-Saxon chieftain Bucca, who also gave his name to Buckingham. Buxlow was awarded to William Deverell at Enclosure, but the Pre-enclosure map of 1762 shows no  farm  or  buildings  on […]

Oakham (Holcombe) Farm

History of Oakham Farm, Swanbourne By Lyn Jones Additional dates and Census information by Linda Rodgers Oakham Farm, is a Grade II listed farmhouse, previously known as Holcombe Farm. It sits on Holcombe Hill and is thought to have been built just after Enclosures, in 1767. The house faces south west overlooking Holcombe Cottages (lately […]

Baptist Church Buildings

Photographs of the Baptist Church, Mursley Road                                     REFER to:- Baptist History in Swanbourne by Ken Harris   RETURN to Photographs Category

Swanbourne House School

School Origins and History Swanbourne House School has its origins in 1920, when Lionel and Margaret Evans brought 43 boys from the Junior House, Bradfield to establish the school inner premises at Swanbourne House. Swanbourne House had been built in the 1860s for Sir Thomas Fremantle, later the 1st Lord Cottersloe. But it had been […]

Public Houses

Public Houses in Swanbourne By Ken Harris Like most villages, Swanbourne had a number of public houses in times gone by, but that number has slowly dwindled, until in 1991, the last of these pubs, The Swan, closed its doors to business.  However, unlike most villages, 15 years later a newly-built pub opened and continues […]

Methodist Church Buildings

Photographs of the Methodist Church in Nearton End         REFER to Methodism in Swanbourne by Ken Harris     RETURN to Buildings & Institutions        

Anglican Church Buildings

St. Swithun’s Anglican Church, Swanbourne.       RETURN to Buildings & Institutions