Archaeology of Swanbourne

Archaeological Artefacts By Clive Rodgers The identification of worked Stone Age flints involves recognition of percussion marks around the edge of the tool. Generally, these are not found in flints in Swanbourne soils which hold flints that were dropped by the passage of ice along with boulder clay from melting glaciers during the Ice Age. Very few prehistoric and Roman […]

Geology of Swanbourne

Our underlying Geology By Clive Rodgers The geological structure of North Bucks consists of Jurassic and Cretaceous sedimentary formations dipping gently to the East and unconformably over more steeply dipping older rocks. The Oldest rocks in Swanbourne are the Oxford Clays exposed in Clack Brook, and the hill top is capped by shales known as […]

Archaeological finds in 2016

Archaeological finds in 2016 Reported by Clive Rodgers New archaeological finds are being made all of the time, and the purpose of this article is to record those finds which have been made so far this year (April, 2016), and to add others throughout the rest of the year as more artefacts are found and […]

New find - Antique French gold pendant medallion

New Archaeological Finds

More Archaeological Finds By Clive Rodgers Finds continue to be made in the Charlton Close/Station Road area of the village. New fragments of pottery and other artifacts being exposed as a result of the long periods of torrential rain in January, 2014. Part of a seax blade? This is derived from the border of my […]