Marriages/Banns, Deaths/Burials, Baptisms 1565-1941

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St Swithuns Church 3

Downloads available in searchable EXCEL 2007.  (Note:- All spread sheets are protected from being changed, copied or illegally reproduced.)

To search a surname in EXCEL, click on the box above the surname column.  Only leave the name sought ticked in the box.  Untick all other names.  This will then filter to give a list of all entries of that single name selected.

Swanbourne Baptisms 1565-1942 to download.

Swanbourne Banns  & Marriages 1565-1941 to download.

Swanbourne Burials, 1565-1941  to download.

Records in PDF format:-

Swanbourne Banns & Marriages 1565-1941.

Swanbourne Baptisms 1565-1941.

Swanbourne Burials 1565-1941.

The Parish Records have been transcribed up to 2010.  Should there be a need for more recent record information, please apply via the Website Administrator, marking f.a.o. Linda Rodgers.

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